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I´m Cova del Campo

I'm Cova, publicist and graphic designer. In 2017 I decided to start my own design studio as a place for personal experimentation focusing from the beginning on working with ceramic, material that I love and consider to be full of endless possibilities.

My first collection of pieces was born from the love of form and volume and it´s inspired by my admiration for architecture. Each piece is made by a completely handmade process in my studio in Asturias (north of Spain), giving each piece a unique and beautifully imperfect character.




EE. UU. / Canada

E Relative
Miami, Florida

Chelsea Sundays
Chelsea, New York

Not Magic
Ontario, Toronto


La Cósmica
Gijón, Spain

Estudio Báltico
Madrid, Spain

Mira Eco Design
Nantes, France

Kode Bergen Museum
Bergen, Norway

Cool Machine
Brussels, France

La Bamba Bazar Store
Las Azores, Portugal

El Moderno Concept Store
Madrid, Spain

Boomboom Shop
Bourdeaux, France

Palma de Mallorca, Soain

Mayúscula Interiorismo
Madrid, Spain


South Korea

Maison Special
Tokyo, Japan


Melbourne, Australia